Emotional Aromatherapy Coaching

Emotional Aromatherapy bridges traditional therapy (looking at the past) and coaching (choices for the future).

Emotions can be intense, confusing and sometimes feel out of control.

Sometimes we become aware after an event that we haven’t listened to our intuition and feel life is too complicated or overwhelming. This can leave you feeling frustrated, guilty or angry that boundaries have been ignored or not in place.

You can harness natural energy from essential oils, this process is about building self awareness with kindness. We can remove self judgement and tune into complete honesty and self acceptance.

Keeping in mind this practice bridges traditional therapy (looking at the past) and coaching (choices for the future), there really is no other programme like it. There is no emotion that is “bad”. I’ll guide you to reframe this. Each emotion is a signal with a message and deeper level to explore and work with. Aromas can help move past self sabotage, shame and blocks.

Over a minimum of 6 weekly sessions I will help you uncover issues that may be blocking your progression, sometimes from childhood or from more recent history. We address where you are headed now and what control you want to feel. This is satisfying, combining essential past healing and coming back to living now and coaching forward. The journey is fluid and unique to each person.

Each session with me is a safe and a strictly confidential space to be heard. I will help you reclaim your energy and focus. It’s a commitment YOU make to yourself to do this work and will enable you to develop self awareness. With practice you can build awareness, emotional health and happiness.

I utilise elements of TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) face and tongue mapping analysis with each coaching session. You’ll be asked to track your emotions, food cravings, sleep and feelings. I’ll review your results each session and a bespoke oil blend will be chosen for you to use in the next week. Alongside the essential oil you’ll be given a task to complete as homework.

To begin you’ll be asked to complete an online questionnaire, which helps us get started and acts as a bench marker for the progression and journey. Please remember this is a commitment, therefore non refundable.

You will also have the opportunity to work with me ongoing if you decide that’s needed to achieve your goals. We can discuss this after the initial 6 weeks are completed.

If you’re a Wellness Advocate already using doTERRA essential oils, you can receive a discount in pricing. This is valuable experience that will help you learn how to use your oils for emotional awareness.

For more details and pricing enquiries for doTERRA Wellness Advocates, please contact me on 07772287276 or email via karena.doterra@gmail.com


“This programme was like no other coaching programme I had ever experienced. 

It was a totally safe space for me to talk and for us to discuss areas of concern.  I experienced a direct reduction in my pain levels from being around an 8/10 to start with, reducing down to about a 3/10- after the 2nd session.  Karena supported me with Essential Oils to assist in the lifting of the lid of the trauma and I felt safe to observe it and “be” with it.  It got emotional at times.  Karena was there to support me.  She set some beautiful creative tasks to complete between our sessions which I really loved doing.  The discussion at the start of the next session on the task was really great to help my understanding.  

Working with Karena helped me overcome my sciatic pain, improved my sleep and has given me a new found respect for this form of healing, and one I will definitely use again. Not only has my pain been reduced I have a better understanding of how my body processes trauma and turns it to pain. Karena is such a clam, insightful beautiful lady.  She saw things in me I never knew existed.  She “saw” me, she “heard” me, she acknowledged me and recognised traits in me.  She is empathetic to my feelings. 

I don’t think I have ever been acknowledged so fully before – in every sense. Thank you Karena.” A.C.

“Karena is a beautiful soul who creates a safe space for you to unpick your emotions and offers so much insight into deeply embedded emotions/ traumas, which you don’t realise are there, and also the impact these are having on your life.

As we progressed through our sessions Karena carefully crafted some thoughtful activities which I really enjoyed in between our sessions; all of which enables you so reflect in a safe positive journey as you progress. The use of essential oils was so interesting and were tailored according to your experience at the time, offering comfort just where you need it the most.

The support from Karena throughout our sessions together, both during, and in between sessions is comforting and encouraging. Karena puts so much energy into sessions and offers guidance and support in abundance, I can’t recommend her enough.” K.H.

“The emotional aromatherapy sessions I have with you help me embrace the true me, guiding me through all the emotions and experiences that life throws at me.

The oils and your sessions has become such an empowering journey that I would not wish to be without! You help me feel seen, heard and understood even when I don’t understand myself.

I feel more grounded, more accepting of myself and I instead of fearing the future I now feel exited for the future and my own ongoing growth. ❤” A.E

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