Essential Oils Intro Class

SATURDAY 20th JULY 10:00-12:00

Join us to learn about the benefits of essential oils to support muscles, joints, circulation, immune system and numerous other body systems.
We are open to connect, sample and ask questions on how aromatherapy using essential oils can benefit you personally.

INTRODUCTION ESSENTIAL OILS CLASS at 10AM will be an informal session to explain how to use them safely and effectively.

👉 Our sports massage therapist Nadia is going to share the natural products she recommends for the most common physical issues clients face.
👉 Our aromatherapist, emotions coach and massage therapist Karena will be explaining the link between emotions and your physical areas of concerns.

This is for BOTH emotional and physical issues, and essential oils are an incredible NATURAL & powerful way to help you manage areas of concern.

Tickets are just £11 HALF PRICE!!! ✨ and include a set of samples to take home and use, light refreshments and you also will have the chance to order essential oils at the event if you’d like to.

Any questions please message us directly on 07772287276 or via email

ANY QUESTIONS please ask and we can help!

Using Essential Oils in Yoga & Meditation


This online workshop covers how to tune into areas of the body that need realignment and how to utilise essential oils in rebalancing these areas.

Learn how to incorporate essential oils into meditation and yoga, they can be beautifully interlinked. Essential oils have been used throughout history to heighten or connect with spiritual awareness and we’ll be looking at how this benefits our body and lives today.

PLEASE ENQUIRE via email or call Karena on 07772287276

Learn to Protect Your Energy

ONLINE Masterclass

Tickets £19.97

Energy protection is not a new topic. It’s been in many cultures for hundreds of years across the world. Yet this is not taught in schools and is one of the most important things to master for success in life!

We’ll look at practices that have been used over centuries and share how essential oils have a valid part in modern life to help us manage stress and emotions in life.

Natures intuitive flowing energy is a beautiful thing to incorporate into your life and daily habits. Essential oils are an amazing natural tool to tune into your energy and to utilise in the home or work space. Guided by certified, insured and accredited aromatherapist and essential oil specialist Karena.

PLEASE ENQUIRE via email or call Karena on 07772287276

FREE Essential Oils Education Series– Every Wednesday 7:30pm


Venue: ONLINE via Zoom

Learn and grow your essential oil knowledge!

This is a FREE online series of sessions, hosted by my doTERRA team members and myself. Whether you’re a customer or not yet doesn’t matter, we’re here to support your journey.

Each week is a new topic as follows:

TO JOIN please email or message/WhatsApp on 07772287276 to request the link.


Green Cleaning Workshop SOLD OUT

Wellbeing workshops scheduled monthly and available as bespoke events. Topics listed below incorporate aromatherapy and we tailor to group bookings & individual requests.

Bespoke Workshops are a fun event to share with a group of people or friends. Learn self care tips and hand make natural products, infused with beautiful quality doTERRA essential oils.

All natural ingredients, ethical products and bespoke service.

  • Choose your wellbeing topic
  • Invite 5-10 people
  • We bring everything you need and do the rest for you
  • 1.5 hours duration minimum
  • Minimum 5 guests
  • Tailor made events, unique to you & your budget
  • Contact to discuss requirements

Please contact us with any enquiries on 01424 230134 or email


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