Hot stone massage 30 mins, 1 hr or 1.5 hrs

A whole body incredible deep tissue massage with hot stones, deeply relaxing and melts away tension and encourages a calm & relaxed state.

Includes front and back of body, using hot basalt stones to penetrate deep into the muscles, using Swedish massage techniques and is incredibly effective!

30 mins £45, 1 hour £70, 1.5 hour £120

Sports massage 30 mins or 1 hr

Sports massage is a deep tissue manipulation massage, not just for sporty people and athletes.
This helps with muscular tension, day to day tensions, pain or trauma caused by repetitive and strenuous activity (RSI) while also assisting with range of movement issues.

30 mins £45, 1 hour £70

Himalayan salt stones massage

30 mins or 1 hr

Himalayan salt stones deliver 84 minerals to the body and provides gentle exfoliation, replenishing the skin and leaving it soft and smooth.
This massage also has wonderful grounding and calming effects.
Salt massage reduces inflammation, promotes healthy blood sugar levels, supports insomnia and reduces anxiety.

30 mins £45, 1 hour £70

Sports rehabilitation 30 mins or 1hr

Sports rehabilitation and post operative massage, includes detailed assessment & medical history taken and massage tailored to the individuals needs.

This helps with stress, reducing pain, repetitive injury prevention, and depending on the stage of healing this focuses on circulation enhancement, tissue elasticity and recovery from injury and post operative support for all ages.

30 mins £45, 1 hour £70

Swedish body massage 30 mins or 1 hr

A whole body therapeutic massage with many therapeutic benefits, soothe tension, improve circulation, aid lymphatic flow and blissfully relax you.

This treatment is tailored to the individual & pressure adjusted to make you feel most comfortable, supporting many body systems.

30 mins £45, 1 hour £70

Reflexology 1 hr

Relaxing and rejuvenating one hour treatment focused on foot reflex points and restoring harmony in the body, via acupressure on the soles of both feet.
Initial consultation includes medical history and highlighting any areas of concern before treatment.


Facial Massage 30 mins or 1 hr

Facial massage helps not only relax the face muscles, but also deliver more nutrients and oxygen to the skin cells in the areas that are treated. It helps with lymphatic flow, better circulation and release accumulated toxins from the body.

This also improves texture and surface of the skin, allowing products to be more readily absorbed and making the skin look more toned. Stimulation of the nerve endings provides a soothing and calming effect, and can significantly help with managing sinus issues.

30 mins £35, 1 Hr £49 SPECIAL INTRO OFFER PRICE

Holistic massage 30 mins or 1 hr

Relaxing and therapeutic 30 minute gentle massage, calming the body and mind and spirit, supporting circulation, aiding lymphatic flow, elasticity of the skin and multiple benefits to overall wellbeing.

30 mins £45, 1 hour £70

Aromatherapy Massage

Bespoke aromatherapy massage with oils carefully selected for the individual, 30 mins or 1 hr. For emotional or physical needs, essential oils can help rebalance the body in amazing natural ways.

30 mins £50, 1 hour £80, 1.5 hour £140

AromaTouch Relaxation Treatment 1 hr

A featherlight clinical sequence of the essential oils applied along the spine and soles of the feet. Improves well-being by reducing physical and emotional stressors, supporting healthy autonomic function and balancing energy.

Feel relaxed, lighter and reconnected to your own energy- a beautiful experience to have once a month to allow yourself to pause & reset from busy modern life. Includes 15 minute consultation at the beginning.


Gift vouchers available

Emotional Aromatherapy Coaching.

The 1:1 EAA coaching process is deeply transformative, yet also gentle. It is wonderful to allow self acceptance. It’s rewarding, surprising and empowering. Often the process releases physical pain and can allow the client to process difficult emotions. We identify and rebalance emotional issues, and allow a new energetic freedom/flow in life.

Utilising powerful essential oils to rebalance emotional issues, identify and release emotional burdens and feel renewed. Allowing self acceptance

  • Bespoke oil samples included for each session.
  • Minimum 6 sessions, 1 to 2 weeks apart.
  • Tailored to each individual.

£555 6x sessions with oil samples.

£777 6x sessions including oils Emotions oil kit, diffuser & weekly support calls.

doTERRA Wellness Advocates qualify for a discount, please contact for details. Sessions are on Zoom or in person at The Wellbeing Studio Bexhill.

Click here to purchase £555

Click here to purchase £777 with oils kit

Aromatherapy consultations

These consultations will help you safely learn about essential oils and feel equipped to get the best out of your essential oils once they arrive.

In person or online to help you select what oils you individually are suited to or need, and supply oils if you’re looking to order from a reliable source.

Helping you gain confidence and providing resources so you’re never left wondering how to use your essential oils. For any age, supporting your journey with essential oils into holistic ways of living.

£240 for 4x 1 hour sessions

£160 for 4x 30 min sessions

Energy Chakra Therapy

Modern biophysics energy frequency treatment, to ensure the whole body is balanced to maintain optimal health for the individual.

Opening & unlocking the chakras is the foundation of emotional, mental and physical health.

£160 1st Intro session

Follow ups from £45-£120 depending on treatment duration, price packages available upon request.


Out of respect for the therapists time, we require minimum 24  hours notice for any cancellations or amendments to an appointment. Deposits for cancellations with less than 24 hours notice will not be refunded.


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